River Valley LAN is Arkansas' longest-running monthly LAN group! We host 24-hour BYOC LANs at Mizewell Games in Conway, AR. Our LANs are play-it-your-way, which simply means there is no set game list for our LANs. So whether you're looking to participate in tournaments, game with others or just finish a playthrough of your favorite game, you're bound to have a good time! The only games you need to have are games that you enjoy playing.


But I don't have that many Games...

One of the greatest things about LAN events is discovering new games to play. Old classics, new popular games, you'll find them all at our LANs. All you need to do is bring your gear and show up!


What about Console players?

Console players are welcome at our events! Xbox One players are able to participate in several of our tournaments alongside PC gamers!


What Do I Need To Bring TO THE LAN EVENT?

1. Reserve your seat online! 
2. Gaming Computer/Console
3. Monitor/TV
4. Headset (No speakers allowed) 
5. Gaming peripherals (mouse, keyboard, controller, etc.) 
6. A Power Strip (IMPORTANT!) 
7. A good attitude! :)


How do I reserve my seat?

You can reserve your seat by visiting our ticket page.


Do you guys have a chat server?

We sure do! Come join us on Discord!