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Looking to join the League? If your local game store is already listed, then just look for a contact email above.

If you are wanting to register your local game store in the league, then please fill out the following form, and read the following GM Requirements.

Game Masters

  1. The GM is responsible for reporting all game scores every week in the Frostgrave forum on our website. Approved GMs will be granted access to a private forum for this purpose.
  2. Only one game a week is recorded. The GM can either schedule a weekly Frostgrave night at their local game store, or pair up players and let them play their games when they are able, and report their own scores to the GM every week.
  3. All game scores must be reported by 11:59pm Central Time on Sunday Nights. Any posts made after that time will not count towards rankings.
  4. If a GM wishes to stop reporting game scores, and another player wants to take over for their local game store, they will need to email
  5. If a GM does not report any game scores 4 weeks in a row, then that game store will be dropped from our list of Registered Game Stores.

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Game Master
The game master is the individual who will be responsible for reporting all game scores.
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