"House Rules"

  1. ALL models are WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get). A model with a two-handed weapon cannot represent a model with a sword and shield. 
  2. When an enemy Warband is wiped out, you do not automatically gain all treasure tokens. You only gain treasure for the tokens you have already taken off of the board.
  3. Shooting into combat has a 50/50 chance on hitting the intended target. On a 1-10, you hit an allied model. On a 11-20, you hit the enemy model you were aiming for. After you roll to determine who you hit, then start your shooting action as normal.
  4. The rules for Critical Hits and Wounded are not optional. They take place in every game.
  5. We will list weekly, rotating shop vendors with random items every week. Players will only be allowed to visit one vendor per week to spend their gold. All items sold to vendors will be sold at 25% of their selling price. Vendors will only purchase items related to their stores. The Potion Shop will not want to by magical weapons or items.
  6. Victories will award each winning player 1 Victory Points, and Ties will award all players 1 Victory Point. Players also are granted 1 Victory Point for every Treasure they capture. The player/team that kills the most enemy models during a game will also be granted 1 Victory Point.


Hand Weapon, +2 Fight 500gc
Crossbow, +1 Shoot 300gc
Magic Hand Weapon, +2 Damage 300gc


Potion of Healing 50gc
Potion of Strength 50gc
Potion of Toughness 50gc

Rare Artifacts

Staff of Power (2) 350gc
Candle of Summoning 200gc
Ring of Slow Fall 200gc


  1.  Kenny - 6pts (140gc)
  2.  Ryan - 6pts (140gc)
  3.  Brett - 3pts (205gc)
  4.  Destin - 3pts (205gc)


Ryan (Witch)

  1. Banner of Courage
  2. Dagger (+2 Damage)


  1. Grimoire of Reveal Death
  2. Hand Weapon (+1 Fight)

Brett (Illusionist)

  1. Grimoire of Invisibility

Destin (Thaumaturge)

  1. Grimoire of Steal Health