Fighting Tournaments




The Arkansas Special is a monthly fighting game tournament series designed to showcase some of the best talent in the region. The game listing changes every month and features some games which will appear in every iteration of the series and some games that will appear less frequently (so as not to conflict with other events). Almost every new classical fighting game will be featured at upcoming events, so please look forward to competing with other people when those release! The game listing for the following month's tournament will always appear at the bottom of the the details below so everyone will have time to prepare for their favorite game. 

Every tournament will have a full ranking associated with it. This will -ONLY- take into account matches played at The Arkansas Special and is not intended to compete with any PR or other type of ranking. Players at the top of their game will be featured in promotional material and prizes will be given to those who can maintain top status in their game for an extended period of time. 


The main event page with all information can be found at Smash.GG/TAS

Don't see your game listed or want to do a special event like an exhibition or team tournament? Talk to the tournament organizers and we'll see what we can do to make it happen! This is a community event run BY the community and FOR the community, so we want to do what we can to earn everyone's support!

The Arkansas Fighting Game Network and The Mizewell Gaming League feel very strongly about helping those in need, so a portion of all proceeds will go towards the Extra Life charity. Please visit more information.